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Metal Roofing Shingles: Types and Installation

Roofing is an important aspect in the construction of any building. There are different types of roof material used for various types of buildings depending on the climatic conditions, architectural style, and surroundings and metal roofing shingles is one of them. Professional roof repair and installation companies have the knowledge to figure out the right type of roof that fits a building.


Types of Metal Roofing Shingles

Among many roofing materials found on the market, metal shingles have become popular for its strong build-up and for enhancing the look of any building. These roofing shingles are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They can be single pieces or with strips. They are designed to appear like clay tiles or wood shingles sometimes. Some metal shingles have granular coatings, and some have a smooth coating. Many house owners prefer to install metal roofing shingles to enhance the look and feel of a building.

Size and Texture

This metal roofing material is resistant to strong winds and hail storms. However, much of the longevity and performance of this roofing material depends on proper installation by expert roofing installation professionals. Metal roof shingles are stamped with light weight metal. The size of each shingle may vary from 12 to 16 inches. They are made in rectangular, diamond shaped with textured patterns. Weight can vary from 40 pounds to 140 pounds per square depending on aluminum or steel shingles. Many house owners use the lightweight shingles on the roof where weight is a major concern. However, these roofs can be walked on if it is reinforced with foam.

Professional Installation

Modular metal shingles are increasingly becoming popular among house owners. These shingles are made of steel, aluminum, copper stamped on it to make them appear like asphalt shingles or tiles. Some have stone finishing resembling asphalt shingles. Many companies provide a lifetime warranty against de-lamination, cracking, fading, etc. Roofing companies use various modern techniques and methods to install these materials. The staff is usually trained to handle modern machinery and tools.

The metal shingles are attached or nailed to the wood deck. Some roofing material manufacturers prefer using underlayment to achieve better fire ratings. There are many roofing companies that offer quality roof repair, installation, re-roofing, insulation and maintenance services at affordable prices. You should shortlist some of the reputed roofing companies and compare the services, prices, etc. and choose the best one who can meet your needs. While re-roofing using Metal Shingles, they are installed over the existing wood or other surfaces.

Every homeowner values safety. As much as possible, a homeowner would like to have his house constructed with the safest material available in the market. When it comes to safety, metal roofing shingles would be a great choice for homeowners. For one thing, these shingles are resistant to fire. And that is a big factor as many residential fire accidents start little sparks that happen on the roof. If you have a brick house, then your house would stand a better chance of surviving a fire coming from the outside if you have metal roof shingles.