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What you need to know before installing roof solar panels

Switching to solar is a great way to reduce your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. Solar energy as many benefits are that it is an infinitely renewable source and has relatively low maintenance costs. The solar panels can be expensive to install and its worth doing your research. Before purchasing solar there are a number of things to take into consideration. The purpose of this article is get you informed and up to speed so you can make a well informed decision as whether solar is the right energy
option for you.

solar panel

Before purchasing solar panel, you need to find out if your roof can structurally support them or whether you will have get some maintenance done to support the weight and size of the panels. Also take into consideration how much sunlight your roof receives during the day and make an informed decision as whether it’s worth shelling out for solar if you’re not getting the energy required to power your home or business. After all solar panels can be quite expensive and investment worth putting some time and thought into. If your roof does will require maintenance now or a few years down the track its best to address the problem before the solar panels are installed that way you won’t have the problem of disconnecting your panels and makes it easier on the builder and your wallet. Before
installing solar you should a clear understanding of how much energy your household is consuming and measures should be taken to refine and reduce your energy consumption. This will help you understand how many panels you will need to suffice your energy and needs and can cut down the price dramatically of the solar system. There a two types of solar. One is called thermal and uses the sun’s rays to heat your water and air. So take into consideration your location and climate so you can make an educated decision on the system most suited to you. The other on is photovoltaic which converts the sun’s rays into electricity and is the more common of the two. The sun’s rays are converted to electricity and then stored into large batteries for your household to use as necessary. Before buying solar it is important to shop to the many supplier and installers as their rates and quality can tend to vary a lot. The last thing you want is dodgy workmanship and inferior solar panel products that don’t stand up to the test of time. The cheaper solar panels are poorly manufactured and often lack the durability. Spend a little more and you save money in the long run.


When purchasing solar panel products always compare warranties and guaranties by the supplier and installers. A dodgy panel can be replaced at no cost you and the installer should have a guarantee on his work and be held accountable for any structural damage on upon installation. And once you’re hooked up to the grid shop around for energy companies rebate scheme as all unused power can be fed back onto the grid and you might be able to benefit by making a few extra bucks in the process. Solar is a great way to provide energy for your home and a great way to minimize damage to our
beautiful earth. I hope the above information will help you out when making your choice to switch to solar panels.