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Roofing repair after hurricane Irma

Apart from the emotional and psychological trauma that people go through during and after hurricane Irma, loss of property can take its toll on all those affected. Trying to come to terms with what has happened and salvaging whatever is left of your property is a very big challenge to everyone. Since the roof is the most important part of a home that protects the inhabitants from adverse conditions like extreme sun or cold, finding the best roofing repair service provider is very important.

air-hurricaneThe first step is assessing the damage while exercising caution to avoid getting hurt. If extensive damage has been done, avoid going into the house and call professional inspection officers. Otherwise, check for any water stains on the ceiling as well as any missing pieces of the roofing material. It’s advisable to stay on the ground and avoid
climbing the roof to check for damages. After this call a professional who will further check the extent of the damage and advice you appropriately on what to do.

  • Contact roofing companies who can prove their accreditation by showing valid licensing and have highly qualified workers.
  • Sample a few companies, compare their rates as well as their packages, and choose one that is most affordable. At this point, you still have a lot of
    work to do to get your home to the state it was in before the hurricane Irma, so saving whatever you can whenever you can is important.
  • Ask for help from friends and family by asking them for recommendations on the best roofing company.
  • If you choose to look for one from other sources, double check their credibility by asking for reviews from previous customers.
  • You should also hire a service provider who has a local office rather that those who only operate on online platforms.

This will make it easier to reach them in case of any complaints.


One source of relief can come from insurance funds to cover the cost of repair. It’s better to start the process of claiming your insurance early enough to avoid any delays. If you’re not
covered, you should only pay the full amount after you’re satisfied with the job. Ignore any roofing repair company that asks you to pay them upfront or midway. Your agreement should be written on paper, from the amount agreed upon to the duration the job is expected to last. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you think the job hasn’t met your expected standards. Accept any financial assistance that you may be offered and be careful so that you aren’t duped.

Although hurricane attacks are unpreventable, being well prepared is very important especially for those who live in places prone to such attacks. Building stronger structures, especially the roof and walls are better. The type of material you use also matter since
some roof types such as metal roofs are better than others like asphalt shingle roofs. Do regular maintenance on your roof to ensure it stays in perfect shape and clean out your gutters to maintain proper drainage system. Avoid planting trees closer to your house and trim any tree that may overlap to avoid chances of the tree falling on the house during a hurricane.