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The Importance of Insulation on Roofing

The process of creating a barrier between areas that are significantly different in temperature is called insulating. Materials that are bad conductors of heat are used to alter the rate of transfer of temperature, namely heat, in insulation. Among other things, the process of insulation is used prevalently at homes not only to maintain temperature but also is a very practical and cost effective method to make the house more energy efficient.Insulation helps to keep the inner temperature cooler during the summers and warmer during the winters.

roofingIt has been statistically proven that insulating helps reduce the heating and cooling costs to about 40% and also reduces the level of condensation inside the house preventing health issues as well. Insulating the roof contributes a lot to insulation of the entire home and this process is easily accomplished with help from professionals and does not cost much.

Insulating the roof has maximum effect on the overall insulation as per the laws of physics. We all know that hot air tends to rise upwards and cold air tends to move downwards. Let’s take an example of how the temperature within the house will tend to be during winters in a house where there is no insulation on the roof. Logically, to keep the temperature in control, you will be operating some kind of heating apparatus. Let’s say that the temperature in the room starts to get warmer and as per the laws of physics, the hot air will start to move upwards.

The heat from the air will get transferred to the roof and since there is lack of insulation, the heat will be lost to the outside temperature. Furthermore, the cold temperature from outside will transfer the cold through the non-insulated roof to the room thus creating a thermal cycling of the warm air to the roof and outside. This is a very expensive proposition as the heating apparatus will continuously run trying to warm the room.

In a hot weather, the thermal cycling will work exactly in the opposite manner as the air-conditioners are usually running near the ceiling where the air is the hottest and hence the compressor will be working overtime to cool the air that it is gauging the temperature of. This will also run off a huge utility bill.

Getting the roof of your house insulated, is not costly if we compare it to the cost that you will save on your electricity bills throughout the year. The insulation on the roof actually acts as a protective blanket. This is a great way to reduce the cost of moderating the room’s or the building’s temperature. Installing proper roof insulation also increases the fire-rating, decreases the carbon footprint, resists mold formation, reduces condensation internally, and also protects against expansion and contraction of the roof deck in regions having consistent temperatures.

If your home does not have insulation on the roof, now is the time to get in touch with a commercial roofing contractor to decrease your utility costs and increase the longevity of your home.